The Problem

Poor practice can result in injury and increased costs.

Why use Safepad?

In the past, impact hazards were either painted or covered with old rags and duct tape. These methods were time consuming, costly, didn’t completely mitigate the hazard, and contributed to waste issues. Safepad has developed an affordable range of innovative products to replace these outdated methods. Safepad products increase workplace safety and reduce compensation and downtime costs.



See the statistics below:

Safepad products:
Reduce the likelihood of impact by highlighting the hazard using high-vis material
Reduce the consequences of impact by covering the hazard with protective padding
Safepad products are re-useable, durable and very versatile. Safepad materials include flame-retardant and static-resistant properties and have been site tested in offshore, corrosive, and extreme temperature environments. Whilst Safepads are an effective impact hazard control measure they also demonstrate commitment to safety and compliance with duty of care requirements.

Whether you like it or not, every business has to budget for the cost of injuries. Once an injury has occurred, you can’t avoid paying for it. Safepad products help to avoid injuries happening in the first place, at a fraction of the cost. The added bonus is that it shows your workers that you care, and shows your clients that you are professional and dedicated to industry best safe practices.

So the real question is, can you afford not to use Safepad?

Work Related Injuries 2009/10

Impact Injuries
LTI's (Lost Time Injury)

Safepad products are proven to reduce worksite costs

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