Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Safepad based?

Safepad Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company with head office located in South Perth, Western Australia.

2. What is the lead time for an order?

Safepad runs an efficient inventory control and have all stock available ex works from warehousing in Perth Western Australia. Lead time for delivery within WA is typically 24 hours. Deliveries to the Eastern States are typically 3-5 working days.

3. Where / how can I purchase Safepad products?

Customers are encouraged to purchase through one of our distributors/stockists as listed on our website. If your preferred supplier/distributor does not currently stock our products, they can contact Safepad directly to set up an account. Currently Safepad has suppliers in most Australian states as well as South East Asia.

4. Why should we use a safety product that we haven’t used before?

It’s best summed up as ‘progress’! Odds are that you are already paying for impact hazards in your workplace. Australian Bureau of statistics detail that around 24% of all work related injuries are caused from impact hazards costing the country over $380million/yr. The Safepad product range is an innovative new range of devices designed to reduce the risk and consequences of impact hazards in the work place, unlike any other existing method or product.

5. Can Safepads be secured to avoid theft in the public arena?

Yes. The ‘Safepad Secure’ (SP5MX) has eyelets within the straps, to insert cable-ties which deter theft.

6. How durable are Safepads and what environments can they withstand?

Safepad products are made from high quality materials. Robust Polyurethane and EVA foam materials of the highest grade are used. Materials are static resistant, flame retardant and have been tested in concentrated caustic and acidic conditions. Materials can also withstand temperature ranges between -40C to 150C. Safepad products have been specifically designed for harsh environments in Australia, including offshore marine conditions. Safepad encourages clients to view their products like PPE with an expected life of 1-2yrs depending on conditions.

7. What are the minimum order quantities for each product?

Safepad products come in boxes of minimum order quantities depending on the product. However, you may request a specific quantity if required. The minimum order quantities for each product are as follows:

Safepad Original – SP5M: box of 50
Safepad Secure – SP5Mx: box of 50
Safepad Edges – SP7A/B/C: box of 1
Safepad Tube-End Small – SP9S: box of 25
Safepad Tube-End – SP9M: box of 27

8. How do Safepad costs compare to using rags and duct tape?

A basic and conservative cost comparison has been completed, taking into consideration a typical scaffold in a walkway over a 12month period. The comparison proves that Safepad products are approximately 500% cheaper than using rags & ductape! Safepad products are completely re-useable and can be applied easily in a matter of seconds.

9. Will Safepad recommend products to suit our worksite?

Absolutely. Safepad staff have considerable industry experience and are more than happy to assist in recommending products to suit your worksite. Please contact Safepad direct to discuss any queries you may have.

10. Who is using Safepad products?

Currently a large number of contractors and operators are using Safepad products on various worksites, in the Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas and Construction industries. However, Safepad products are not limited to these… our products are also used on residential building sites, in schools, concert halls and even churches. Please see the Safepad website for a summary of major clients and their Testimonials.

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