Safepad products are supplied to a number of Australian and international companies from various industries, including Oil & Gas, Mining, Construction, Marine, Aviation and Defence.

Customer Testimonials

"The Safepad product range has proved to be very adaptable, long lasting and easy to install (and re-install), helping address a number of identified hazards in our workspaces... a reliable and quick-fix solution. The products have maintained their quality through extreme heat, salt water and humidity, and have proven to meet industrial standards with no quality lost in these conditions."

− Vessel Master, Mermaid Investigator - Mermaid Marine Australia

"SapuraAcergy first purchased Safepads for use onboard the Sapura 3000, during a project in Western Australia. The products were well received by the crew who used them on a daily basis, especially to cover hazards in walkways on the vessel deck. Since then, the vessel continues to use Safepads. They are a simple solution, and allow the crew to have ownership of controlling these hazards."

− Director of HSEQ, Sapura Acergy

"I can proudly mention that our client is really impressed with the product introduced by us, both onshore and offshore as part of our effort to mitigate the risks associated with the activities carried out. We are looking forward to purchasing more from Safepad, as we will utilise the products at our other location soon."

− Project HSES Engineer, Gumusut-Kakap, Malaysia

"Scotch has one of the most advanced high-school industrial work shops in the country. We identified that there were a few impact hazards and we have a duty of care to keep our kids and staff safe. When Safepad heard about it they offered to come in free of charge and custom fitted Safepad products to all the different hazards we had. We were really impressed. No one's been hurt, the pads have all stayed in place and are now part of the workshop."

− Scotch College Workshop Co-ordinator

"We identified some hazards on the BHP site that we had no way of covering, so we ordered products from Safepad. The helpful staff turned our order around within an hour including delivery. The guys found the products robust and effective. BHP have cited the solution and have put this method into their safety protocol for future hazards."

− HSE Coordinator/Advisor, Technip Oceania Pty Ltd