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Robust. Reusable. Impact Protection Products.

Superior Quality

Safepads are designed to withstand harsh environments.
Materials include high density flame retardant foam and a
static resistant hard-wearing nylon sheath.

Apply Safepad Anywhere

Safepad products are versatile and have multiple applications. They are not only designed for scaffolding, but all types of impact hazards.

Safepad Installation

Easy, fast, effective impact protection

Edge Protection

Safepad Edges are designed to mitigate
risk of impact with hazardous edges,
such as cornices, flanges, air conditioning units,
braces, stairways and beams.


Reduces likelihood

Highlighting the hazard using high-vis material. Safepad products are designed to reduce the chances of impact.

Reduces consequences

Safepad products reduce the consequences of impact by covering the hazard with a durable, re-usable protective padding.

Reduces costs

Impact injuries have accounted for 24.6% of all work related injuries, costing the economy over $385 million. Safepad products are proven to reduce worksite costs.

Suits a variety of sites

Safepad products are re-useable, durable and very versatile. Safepad materials include flame-retardant and static-resistant properties and have been site tested in offshore, corrosive, and extreme temperature environments.

Extensive product range

Safepads are designed to suit a diverse range of impact hazards found in the construction, scaffolding, mining & resource industries. However, they can also be found in schools, concert halls, churches and submarines to name a few!
Safepad Products

Proven and trusted

Safepad Pty Ltd is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, providing a variety of products designed to reduce the risk of injury from impact hazards.